After a year of putting our desires on hold, it's time to uncover and reclaim them.

Do you know what you want from your life?

Your desires and dreams are treasures.​​​​​

They are your roadmap for your year and for your life.

They help you figure out where you want to go…and when you know them, you can figure out how to make them happen.

Discover what makes you feel juicy, what lights you up.

The Uncover Your Dreams retreat helps you uncover what you you can use that awareness to create your dreams.

Hi, I'm Eryka Peskin!

I'm an abundance coach, a licensed social worker, a fierce cheerleader, and I used to have a bunch of financial services licenses too.

I help people uncover their desires and dreams and overcome the limiting beliefs and fears holding them back so they can achieve their highest potential...and joy!

And I'm so thrilled to lead this retreat!

During this retreat...

~ You'll uncover your desires and dreams

2020 was a hard year, and many of us had to put our desires on hold in order to focus on survival. Hopefully 2021 will be so much better! So let's uncover our desires and dreams for 2021...and beyond! I'll take you through a special process I've created to help you get in touch with your desires and dreams.

~ You'll uncover the limiting beliefs and fears standing in your way

Limiting beliefs and fears are part of life. But they don't need to run your life or keep you from making your dreams happen. The first step to overcoming them is to know what they are. You'll learn my system to uncover your limiting beliefs and fears, and then...

~ You'll overcome your limiting beliefs and fears...and make your desires happen

You'll learn my 12-step system to overcome your limiting beliefs and fears so you can live your life driven by desires...rather than fears.

~ You'll create a powerful vision board

Once you've uncovered your desires, you'll create a beautiful visual representation of your dreams to keep you motivated and accountable.

The workshop includes:

  • Learning and using my special systems to uncover your desires

  • Learning my system to access your limiting beliefs.

  • Access to my 12 step system to overcome your limiting beliefs.

Retreat details:

~ The retreat will take place over Zoom

~ Saturday, February 27th, 12-4:30pm EST/9-1:30 PST

Investment for Celebration Challengers:

until 2/11: $55

(After that if there's space, I'll open it up to the rest of my community at a higher rate.)

What you'll need:

Markers, scissors, glue, posterboard or a big piece of paper, magazines, or something with images you can use for visionboarding fodder (you'll get instructions on this when you enroll)

Testimonial from prior retreats

During and even after the workshop, there has been an incredible shift in what I feel is actually possible for me to achieve and how erroneous my limiting belief has been.

Since this workshop I have felt consistently motivated, positive and hopeful about achieving my goals. I have been pretty consistent in small daily action steps (which for someone who tends to procrastinate is no small feat). My vision board helps remind me daily of my goals and what is truly important to me right now and I find it easier to apply action to achieve them everyday.

~ Sophia, NYC

Your dreams are treasures. Uncover them...

and create the life you desire.